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Brian Gould Complicit in Hate Crime/Corporate Fraud

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Looks like Mr. carwyn Jones is playing the games sad gits like to play. Here is the response that I have received from the person whom Mr. Jones felt it necessary to deligate the reply to for the 1st open letter to him. It is worth noting that my own Assembly member Jonathan Morgan has not responded and neither has Peter vaughan the new Chief Constable for swpolice(see twitter). So here is Mr. Gould's letter.

Dear Mr. Gabriel

Thank you for your letter addressed to the Carwyn Jones AM on the 22nd September. I have been asked to reply.

In your letter you have raised concerns and suggested that all social housing in Wales should be transferred to housing associations. In Wales all social housing must achieve the Welsh Housing Quality Standard by 2012 or sooon thereafter and maintained it for the life of their business plans. It is for each individual local Authority in Wales to determine, with the support of tenants, if they can retain their housing stock and achieve the standard or consider alternatives such as Housing Stock Transfer. To date in Wales ten Local Authorities have transferred their housing stock to newly formed Housing Associations, other Authorities such as Cardiff have advised that they can achieve the standard and retain their stock.

We share your concerns regarding the monies that are returned to HM treasury and the impact this has upon Welsh Local Authorities and tenants and that is why, in 2009, the Deputy Minister for Housing and Regeneration commissioned an independent review of the Housing revenue Account Subsidy arrangements in Wales. We are working closely with the Welsh Local government Association (WLGA) to develop options for reform and are in discussions with the UK Government to ensure that provisions within the forthcoming Decentralisation and Localism Bill, announced in the Queen Speech, are appropriate for Wales and made in the Welsh context.

You have indicated in your letter that you are looking to be re-housed. This is an issue for your Local Authority. It is the responsibility of Local Authorities to manage and allocate their socila housing according to need, and in compliance with their lettings policy. I would therefore suggest you contact you Local Authorities Housing Department and discuss your requirements.

Yours sincerly
Brian Gould
Head of Housing Quality Standards.

My Reply: 19th oct 2010

Dear Mr. Carwyn Jones

I hope that you get to see the video above Mr. Gould, Mr. jones and maybe Carwyn you can direct Mr. Gould to the blogs on http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com/ perhaps that way he might reasses the twoddle he has written in this woefully inadiquate response to the 1st open letter to you, especially paragraph 4.

On youtube I now have 501 videos uploaded many of them deal with the below minimum building standard regulation property that uncle tom and all appear to think is what I deserve, and Mr. Gould has the cheek to be called the Head of Housing Quality Standards. He certainly isn't doing a very good job when I have been complaining about the intrusion into my 'right to the peacefull enjoyment of my home' since 1999 that such below minimum building standard housing bring.

Perhaps you can point him in the direction of the Crazydave Files and he can have a re-think of this woeful response of his.

That Cardiff tenants are being defrauded by the council appears to cause no-one in Authority any care what so ever and you will see if you watch the videos regarding the Hate Crime and the Western Mail that I point out there is a shortfall of £191 million in the figure (should be £196 million) they use for Cardiff paying back to the Treasury, based on the £30 million in rent rebates that the Rent Revenue Account claimed was being paid when the Money for Housing Benefit was coming from Central Government and not the Council?

I do not appreciate being used by Cardiff County Council in order to De-Fraud the Housing Benefit System but that is what the £11 million a year they have been paying back to the Treasury indicates. Higher than necessary rent levels or did you fail to view the video in the blog http://scrnch.me/4fszu Crazydave Slashes Billions off Housing Benefit Blog.

Where if Transfer of housing stock had been taken way back in 2005 when I produced the When will the Fraud Squad investigate Cardiff County Councils Rent Revenue account Chief Constable banner then £500,000,000.00 would not have been paid back to the Treasury or the rents could have been reduced by £30 million a year that the council claim they were paying in rent rebates in Cardiff that this video points out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGN-LQDeGeA But nobody took any notice and the Police failed Council Tenants in this huge scam the Council has running. So what has happened to the £196 million Crazydave you might ask, missappropriated to some other Council Services probably eh Carwyn, definitely not used on Social Housing thats for sure.

The name of the Adult Services Head who turned his back on me Mr. Gould was one Michael Murphy. You will find his name in the 2009 blogs perhaps this blog will help you Mr. Gould http://welshassemblygovukcrazydave.blogspot.com/ titled Cardiff county Council a Corporation in Denial. Or maybe you ought to read the one dealing with issues regarding asking a Public Question at Full Council Meetings in Cardiff and ones they will not allow individuals to ask like 'When is the Criminal Negligence towards myself going to end?'

You Might also point Mr. Gould to the Local Government Ombudsmans refusal to demand that a set of accounts be produced on tenants behalf that showed what the difference would be to them on the 'As If Cardiff County Council's Housing Stock were now in Housing Association Ownership' That my prediction that 'they would be in profit by £30 million a year' the LGO claimed was misleading? Apparently not given the Western mail article especially if transferred to HA ownership at the nominal sum of £1.

As for the re-housing applications I have sent, or the Taff housing Tenant Support Team that were given £1,000 with the remit to re-house me in 2002 and failed to do, still doesn't bother anyone either? Especially Mr. Gould! You think he would have done his research, or been provided with a copy of these blogs as a reference Mr. Jones before he replied. No questions raised about 'what the hell did we pay Taff Housing Support Team for?' Oh to fob off Crazydave probably that organisation ought to repay that grand they received under false pretenses. 

Or that on the last sound transmission value test the Councils own Dept took, they failed to do a floor to ceiling test just an airbourne sound one, and I have written previously that I figured they didn't do the floor to ceiling test was because it would have showed that their solution of 2 extra layers of plasterboard on my ceilings actually exacerbated the problem.

But no one followed that up complaint either did they Mr. Jones not the previous 1st Minister not the LGO not even the Police. I have contact Cardiff County Councils Social Services Department seeing as Adult Services let me down and they were unwilling to intervene on my behalf, and I did state that I guess if I murdered the intruders above then a Serious Case review would probably note all these various failings to re-house me, with oh hadn't we better slap ourselves on the wrist and carry on as usual, smiling all the way to their well paid pensions?

For the Head of Housing Quality Standards your Mr. Gould sure is failing this tenant isn't he Mr. Carwyn Jones? Lets get to the nitty gritty it is as obvious as the nose on your face Mr. Jones that I have been and still am being discriminated against. I would sure like to see all the records of single females my age living on their own, in houses of their own. Whether as council tenants or Housing Association and ask is it because I am Male? Is it because I have no Offspring? Because I see young males who've never been in employment with houses of their own, where their offspring are just temporary residents living mostly with their mothers.

Or is there some other reason? Like I have the timerity to demand being treated with respect, with some semblance of equality and fairness. Or is it that your all erked that I point out these things when really it should be your jobs to stop the kind of manipulation of figures in council accounts that have been going on for far far to long.

The one thing that I can do without is being jerked around by the likes of Mr. Gould, and the contempt for the issues I have been raising that his final paragraph so blithely show, or do the 173 blogs alongside those 501 youtube videos count for so little? This being my 174th blog Mr. Gould.

That Cardiff County Council does not recommend to its Tenants that their Housing Stock be Transferred to Housing Association Ownership just proves their comtempt for their Tenants and to repeat a phrase over and over Their Failure in their Duty of Care because £30 million a year is being ripped off tenants in Cardiff, and since the inception of the Assembly I count Cardiff County Council have de-Frauded its Tenants by £330 million easily enough to provide Bungalows for those who prefer not being part of any household like myself. Let alone living with the threats of violence or burning of my property via next door neighbours, that have totally been ignored by the Council by tyhe Assembly and by the Police and therefore encouraged to continue.

I call the Assemblies refusal to take up my case with Cardiff County Council as Criminal Negligence a Hate Crime as well as partaking in Mental Cruelty Mr. Gould and your reply in no way addresses that matter. It seems that given the news today Cats have more protection in this society than a Human Being. You Might ask Mr. Jones in his capacity as a barrister whether it is illegal for a Council to let a property knowing that it does not meet building standard regs because the LGO refused to answer that direct question.

Mr. Gould also fails to mention the part of the letter that deals with my email address being blocked by Welsh Assembly Memebers, I would like to know why Mr. Jones the same as it is blocked by members of Parliament and the House of Lords. that is clearly a discriminatory act. It all happened after my first email to Cheryl Gillan which is posted at the end of this blog. Mrs Gillan has never responded to that, and is clearly aiding n abetting the Assembly in its continued criminal negligence of my complaints.

That many AM's might use Protocol as an excuse not to call these matters to the Executives attention should my email be blocked? That violates Human Rights Legislation as well if the excuse is the language that I use? Given that my own Assembly Memeber Jonathan Morgan never responds to the issues raised. Guess he feels that they are not important, but then he doesn't live in this type of accommodatiohn does he. Or maybe hen gets a kick out of the fact that I am being discriminated against?

I will leave you to ponder on this banner displayed outside the Assembly building during 2005 to which the 60 then Assembly members studiously ignored much like all the others banners I have displayed down there. Have a look through the blogs Mr. Gould have a look through the videos and then tell me, you don't deserve the alligation of complicity in Criminal Negligence and a hate Crime with this inadiquate response of yours, eh Carwyn Jones? Pity you didn't brief Mr. Gould or that he was to bone idle to view the blogs n videos or that his area of expertise(ha!) doesn't cover the other issues mentioned in my letter Mr. Jones, and a question of his competence to reply might reflect badly on you should a miracle happen and the WAG face a public inquiry over 'The Crazydave Question'.

But then where is the reply from the complaint to Mr. Peter Vaughan the new chief constable of South Wales Police? Handed in at the Assembly on the same date? See the video below Mr. Jones. SWPolice Complicit in Corporate Fraud eh Mr. Vaughan?

Here is the 1st email sent to Cheryl Gillan sent the 18/8/2010 I did not receive a failure notice so assume that she received it and chose to do nothing about it. Hense the Complicity tweets placed on Twitter at spooky_dude.

Hello cheryl

I understand that you are the New Secretary of State for Wales. I have a heap of issues that I have been trying to raise with the Welsh Assembly government as well as the previous administration in Parliament all to no avail, so far. That these bodies have acted in a prejudical manner with regards to my correspondence is really self evident from the information I am about to direct you to. The word Malfesance a criminal offence for anyone in public office seems a bridge to far for South Wales Police Chief Constable formerly Barbara Wilding, I have yet to contact the new Chief constable feeling that he would ignore it just like his predessesor.

Like Mr. Peter Hain did while he was the SSW. I hope perhaps foolishly that you will somehow be different. So here is the web address where I have placed the correspondence sent they are called blogs I call them letters/evidence of Criminal negligence towards my health n Welfare, and that of other vulnerable adults across the uk. I can only hope when the prejudice ends that it will be self evident that what I have placed on them is clearly that. The range of issues are large, my biggest one is the manner in which Cardiff County Council has accounted for the Housing Benefit payments they have received from Central Government and the net effect of that in Social Housing provision in this city, and how Central government could drastically reduce its Housing Benefit payments if they Transfered properties into housing Association ownership at a rent value equal to that of what the Council were running them on with the £30 million reduction they were making in the rent revenue account for oh so many years all with the blessing of the Local Government Ombudsman. Ideally I would like a public inquiry into how it is tha the Welsh Assembly Government decreed that this figure was to be taken from that account and placed in the General Fund account because they know that it was Central Government paying Housing Benefit not the Council as the accounts would have us believe.

See the blog 'Crazydave Slashes Billions Off Housing benefit' if all councils in the uk have been following the same practice as Cardiff County Council then the Transfer and the reduction in rent to match the level with the figure they had deducted from their various rent revenue accounts would mean Billions in savings per year.

The full list of blogs/letters can be found at http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com

Yours David Gabriel (address supplied but removed here for privacy)


Remember for a full list of blogs go to http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com


Hi People as my hotmail email accounts are not getting through to any member of the Welsh Assembly (naughty info commissioner) I am having to hand deliver the following so that Carwyn Jones gets this blog to read if indeed he ever does? Eh Mr. Jones.

for good measure I have been tweeting this     @IeuanWynJones hey Mr Jones want to copy/paste this to Carwyn? http://scrnch.me/wj9hc #plaidcymru #pmqs #condem #5live #senedd #ehec #snp as the majority of the #plaidcymru contributors like to make pretend that the issues I am raising do not exist.

Here then is the notification letter to Mr. Carwyn Jones and a number of copies will be handed in at the Senedd for the other Usual Suspects there.

To Carwyn Jones 2nd Nov 2010
Hello Mr. Jones
with reference to the letter from Brian Gould in response to my first open letter to you. I have created a blog called the 2nd Open Letter to Carwyn Jones which can be found on this url http://assemblywales.blogspot.com/ as the blog is long and contains videos of the letters sent and received for the non-readers on youtube. I trust this time you will get someone competent to handle the various issues that Mr. Gould did not address in his letter, based on the fact that he could not be bothered reading my blogs or viewing any of my videos.
Perhaps you could even address the direct question to you in the blog. Or get Mr. Michael Murphy of Cardiff C.C's Adult Services to actually do something to adequately re-house me. Something long overdue given that not doing so is in my opinion is Mental Cruelty perpetrated by the Assembly, Cardiff county council, my local councillors the media, parliamentary members either via my own MP's or other MP's or House of Lords members. To name but a few, who have allowed this situation to continue for far far to long.
You might even make the Executive decision to recommend to all welsh councils who have not transferred their housing stock that they do so at the earliest possible date, so that over the next 10 years another billion is not returned to the Treasury out of rent payments?
Yours a disabused David Gabriel
you have the address
Lets hope that he gets on Mr. Murphy's case this time, Eh Crazydave? To damn right or the Chief Constable who has still yet to reply achem? not even a acknowledgement of receipt and I've tweeted on swpolice often enough about that to wonder what the puck are they paid to do?
Remember a full list of blogs at http://bbbccrazydave.blogspot.com/ eh officer pc Haines?